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Asistant professor at the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Campus Viña del Mar.

Doctor in Neuroscience, in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Institute of Neuroscience of Alicante, Spain, 2013.

During his doctorate he studied the formation of visual maps in embryonic stages through in utero electroporation. He did a post-doctorate at the Valparaíso Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Center (CINV), identifying the critical window of the functional connectivity of the olfactory system of the zebra fish Danio rerio . She is a researcher in the BIO-RT group in the UAI Bioengineering laboratory studying the interface between stem cells and biomaterials to achieve bone regeneration. She is also a researcher for the PIA-CONICYT ANILLO ACT 172037 project, studying the effect of climate change in the ocean on calcifying organisms. He teaches the Core Science course.

Dra. Isabel Benjumeda Wijnhoven: TeamMember
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