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B3MAT OpenLab: Workshop Bioengineering

October 18-19, 2021  

UAI Campus Viña del Mar  (10:00 - 18: 00hrs) 

During this event students will learn through hands-on workshops and experiments, the different laboratory methodologies that the B3MAT group has in the field of Bioengineering.  Professors, undergraduate and Master's students will be part of this interactive day with unique experiences around biomaterials, biochemistry and cell biology.

(1) QMB Station: Bioinspired Chemistry and Microscopy  (1.5 hrs.)
Cell samples and bio-inspired biomaterials observed under the light microscope, preparation of working solutions and handling of basic and advanced laboratory equipment.
Prof. Dra. Carola Millán (Monday and Tuesday) / Place: Study room F110 (first floor) 

(2) I3D Station: 3D printing and evaluation of geometric and morphological properties (1.5 hrs.) 
Design of structures in Inventor, Manufacture of scaffolds in 3D printing, and evaluation of geometric and morphological properties using Archimedes and Magnifying glass.
Prof. Dr. Juan Fco. Vivanco (Monday and Tuesday) / Place: Cowork First floor Building F

(3) CCB station: Cell culture and biocompatibility  (1,5hrs.)

Observation and management of cells in culture to load three-dimensional porous scaffolds (3D-scaffolds)

Prof. Dr. Raúl Vallejos (Monday) and Dra. Isabel Benjumeda (Tuesday) / Place: Lab. Bioengineering Building A, AZ-203 (underground)

Staff members:

Dra. Carolina Angulo- Postdoctoral FIC

Richard Aguirre. Lab Manager Bioengineering Laboratory

Carlos Toro - MS in Industrial Engineering

Pablo Núñez - MS in Bioengineering

Sebastián Llano - MS in Bioengineering

Fernanda Álamos - Bioengineering UAI

Alejandra Correa - Bioengineering UAI

Catalina Miranda - Bioengineering UAI

Bernardita Heusser - Bioengineering UAI

Felipe Maturana - Bioengineering UAI

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